014 – Do you struggle taking action on the steps that are right under you nose w/ Steve Sipes

Meet my friend Steve Sipes. He’s looking to grow his insurance business, but doesn’t know how to go about doing it. He made a great connection several weeks ago, but has failed to follow up on it, until now that is! Sometimes, the best thing we can do is to see what opportunities are right in front of us, but we are missing because of all the “noise” that is constantly around us.

Coaching has, and continues to change my life for the better. I prefer to give people an experience of a powerful coaching conversation. This podcast is called MasterClass of One because it is for the one person I happen to be speaking with at that moment. However, you can put yourself in their shoes and answer the questions I am asking them, for yourself. That way, when you’re listening, it can feel like you’re the one being coached. Listen for you, not me.

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I believe in you! Be Blessed,

David Creel – World’s Best Double Eagle Coach