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I help you build an extraordinary and authentic life by turning the impossible to the possible.

The MasterClass of One with David Creel is your weekly dose of life-changing content.
It has the potential to change you life, but of course, nothing works until you do!



Coaching has, and continues to change my life for the better. I prefer to give people an experience of a powerful coaching conversation. This podcast is called MasterClass of One because it is for the one person I happen to be speaking with at that moment. However, you can put yourself in their shoes and answer the questions I am asking them, for yourself. That way, when you’re listening, it can feel like you’re the one being coached.

048 – Are you busy being busy or busy being productive w/ David Steen

Meet my friend David Steen. He has a book that is launching and is trying to create a business around it, but sometimes we confuse activity with accomplishment. — Coaching has, and continues to change my life for the better. I prefer to give...

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047 – Build it and they will come… if you ask them to! w/ Jennifer Harshman

Meet my friend Jennifer Harshman aka The Book Baker. She would like more clients, and we find out that she has really told people that she wants more clients! Are you not getting what you want simply because you're not asking? — Coaching has,...

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046 – The past could become the future w/ Eddie Joe

Meet me friend Eddie from Peru. He's got multiple jobs and feels burned out. During the pandemic though, he had successfully ran on online school for teaching English and Spanish. We talk about the small steps he can take to get that cranked back...

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045 – Fear is nothing more than False Evidence Appearing Real w/ Lakeitha Brown

Meet my friend Lakeitha Brown (aka KeyKey). Perhaps you can relate to her situation. She wants to “get her name out there” but is letting “fear” stop her. You can probably relate to this in some way. — Coaching has, and continues to change...

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