013 – The people we most can help, are the ones who are the most like us! MasterClass of One with David Creel

Meet my friend and fellow Ziglar coach, Dr. Kimberly Welsh. She has spent over 30 years in the education field and has worked with elementary – college age kids. As an educator, she had no one to talk to (and be listened to), and because they spend almost all their time giving to others, educators don’t get their own cups filled up. Small action steps, add up to big things! Something to consider: What fills you with energy? What drains you of energy?

Coaching has, and continues to change my life for the better. I prefer to give people an experience of a powerful coaching conversation. This podcast is called MasterClass of One because it is for the one person I happen to be speaking with at that moment. However, you can put yourself in their shoes and answer the questions I am asking them, for yourself. That way, when you’re listening, it can feel like you’re the one being coached. Listen for you, not me.

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I believe in you! Be Blessed,

David Creel – World’s Best Double Eagle Coach